Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency?

P.A.S.S. Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency?  You don’t want to be struggling to get the pin to release while your kitchen is ablaze….practice, practice practice: P.A.S.S. Pull Pin, Aim, Squeeze Handle, Sweep Area  The P-A-S-S technique for fire extinguisher use: P – Pull the pin.  It is there to prevent accidental […]

June Charity Auction

Charity Auction Preview

We are so excited to announce our June Charity Auction! We invite you to donate to child safety. Starting June 1st, 2019, you can bid on our exclusive auctions, with over $7k in prizes going to the highest bidders. Auctions Include: Cam Newton & Christian McCaffrey autographed Panthers jerseys Clemson 2018 National Championship Football Aqua […]


A Safe Kids Worldwide report found that almost 52,000 US children age 5 and younger had medicine-related emergency department visits for poisoning in 2017, down about 32% from 2010. Researchers found that parents didn’t consider medicine safety a top priority in home childproofing. Child Proof Advice does! See the following informative article about the importance […]