Child Proof Advice is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

An Accident Waiting to Happen

They run, they play and quick as a wink, they are in your cleaning supplies or medicine cabinet. Child Proof Advice is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to teaching parents and all childcare providers about common hazards in the home that are often overlooked in today’s busy world.

Regrettably, Child Proof Advice has not yet recovered from the financial losses incurred during the pandemic when grants and donations disappeared.  We are no longer able to offer the product selection once available in the past.  We can, however, continue to provide our downloadable child safety e-book (

If donations and grants return to normal, we hope to restock our inventory and be able to offer many child proofing products and our parent / grandparent training on an ongoing basis.

Please share our website address with your friends and families.  We have great products, good pricing, training and baby shower gift ideas that, with your support, will protect many children into the future.

For the children you are protecting, we thank you…


Child Proof Advice was established in 2009 to assist the parents and child-care providers of preschool age children in providing for a safe home environment.  We are fully committed to providing a comprehensive educational program and the necessary child proofing equipment to help all child-care providers reduce the number of preventable in-home injuries to children.

The team of Child Proof Advice incorporates funding from grants, donations, sponsors and product sales to provide online education so our message can reach all communities.  We also donate child proofing equipment to those with limited resources such as the first time mothers of Care Ring’s Nurse Family Partnership.

For Parents

Most families expecting their first child cannot afford a professional child proofing service. The design of the Child Proof Advice program addresses this issue with a special uniqueness.

Child Proof Advice offers a do-it-yourself approach to child safety allowing parents of all economic circumstances to do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children. Your question is not will your child find hazards in the home, but when…

Child proof your home with the help of our Child Proof Advice Safety Guide (e-book) including a do-it-yourself room-by-room checklist with 160+ safety recommendations.  Also included are numerous parenting resources, a list of poison plants, infant CPR instructions, fire safety and more.

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