Child Proof Advice benefits expecting parents, new parents, adopting and foster care parents, professional child care providers, nannies, doulas, all care providers of children including first-time grandparents who haven’t had children in their home for a long time.


Child Proof Advice has partnered with Care Ring’s Nurse-Family Partnership to assist first-time parents with limited resources in providing safety for their children…one non-profit helping another to accomplish one mission…child safety.

NFP Registered Nurses are paired with first-time mothers during pregnancy and make regular visits to the home until the child’s second birthday.

Nurses provide guidance, support and community resources through the entire experience, ensuring mother and baby are thriving, now and in the future.

Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based community health program. Studies have shown the following consistent program outcomes:

1 Improved prenatal health and birth outcomes

2 Fewer subsequent pregnancies

3 Increased maternal employment

4 Increased intervals between births

5 Improved school readiness

6 Fewer childhood injuries

Visit to learn why we should provide this vital education and protection for the most vulnerable of our children.

Child Proof Advice is there all along the way as a safety consultant recommending child proofing before a baby’s birth. This allows parents time to child proof successfully and especially time to learn all of the new habits necessary to provide the best protection for the newly arriving child.

Working closely with Nurse-Family Partnership, Child Proof Advice provides the education found in our Safety Guide E-Book and continues support with State-of-the-Art equipment to ensure the very best in child safety. 

A donation can save a child’s life!



An excited and grateful recipient of a Child Proof Advice donation of safety equipment!


The Child Proof Advice paperback / e-book contains 160+ safety recommendations for first-time parents plus numerous parenting resources, infant CPR training, a poison plants list and more.  Free access to the e-book can be included with every donation to the clients of Nurse Family Partnership.


This is an example of the safety items each client of Nurse Family Partnership receives with the generosity of your donation.



Empowering Through Education to Improve Child Safety

“Give the Gift of Safety”