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The uniqueness of Child Proof Advice is the Do-It-Yourself approach to child proofing a home.  Because many families cannot afford a professional child proofing service, our program was designed so parents of all economic circumstances can do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children. Your question is not, will your child find hazards in the home, but when…

Download the Child Proof Advice Safety Guide E-Book to learn the best practices of child proofing.  A Room by Room Checklist with over 160 safety tasks and expert information will guide you through every recommendation to prevent an unintentional injury.

Over sixty Parent Resources connect you with safety experts, juvenile product manufacturers and government alliances.

A list of Poisonous Plants, Look-a-Like Products, and even Infant CPR instructions, add additional information and safety training.

As with any child protection service, the offerings of Child Proof Advice are intended as a supplement to close adult supervision. The knowledge of Child Proof Advice was derived from the evaluation of products, educational materials, prevention programs and the input from health care practitioners and experts in child safety.

Download The Child Proof Advice E-Book

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