When to Child Proof


  • 6 Months Before a Child is Born
  • By 6 Months of Age
  • Repeat Every 6 Months


Child safety experts recommend making your home safe before your child is born, or at least by the time the baby is six months old. This gives you time to personally adjust to the changes and to develop new habits such as closing gates and latching cabinets. It is reported to take six months for an adult to develop a new behavior, so start early. You want these habits to be natural so you won’t forget something and put a child at risk.

Child Proofing early gives you time to do it properly  and completely without the distraction of a crying baby.  After a child is born, you are in such a flurry of activity, child proofing either won’t be done properly or it won’t be done completely. Also, a new “safety evaluation” should be completed every six months as the child grows and is exploring even more potential hazards.