Q) What are the top 6 injuries at home?


  1. Burns
  2. Choking
  3. Drowning
  4. Falls
  5. Poisons
  6. Suffocation

Q) How to swaddle a baby?

A) Please visit the following link: https://www.thebabbleout.com/baby/best-swaddle-blankets/

Q) How to child proof while travelling?

A) One should know how to child proof grandma’s home, hotel rooms or vacation rental properties. Electrical outlets can be covered, toilet seats locked to prevent drowning, cabinets locked to stop a potential poisoning, and tiny fingers protected from door pinches, all temporarily and easily without damaging a property. A First Aid kit is also nearby in case of an emergency. The best way is to keep a kit handy. Get One Here

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