Bathtub Safety

Did you know more drownings occur in the home and not at the community swimming pool?   Water awareness and safety are of paramount importance where new babies and toddlers are concerned.

Never, ever leave a child alone around water!  If a child is in the tub, so are you!  Not literally, but you must be attentive during the entire bathing time.  A phone call, doorbell or call from another child will have to wait until the bathing baby is removed from the tub.  One gulp of water and three seconds are fatal to a child. 

Head bumps are also a bathtub hazard and can be fatal.  Guard against this potential injury with the Puj bathtub faucet cover.  The Puj Snug product ensures the enjoyment of a bump-free bath every time.  Flexible to fit a variety of tub spouts, this “Elephant” faucet cover is soft, washable & mildew resistant.  It fits snugly on a spout, preventing bumps & bruises while still giving you easy access to the shower diverter.  BPA, PVC free.  Available in aqua and white.

For the children you are protecting, we thank you…

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Empowering Through Education to Improve Child Safety

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