Know What To Do In a Poisoning Emergency

Keep the phone number of the Poison Control Center (PCC) on or near your phones.

If you think someone has been poisoned, call the PCC right away at:
Never wait for the person to look or feel sick!

Child Safety Caps are not child proof! Some children can open these caps. This is why it is important to keep medicines and vitamins locked up!

First Aid

In case of a poisoning, follow these first-aid steps:

For Swallowed Poisons:

· Call the PCC right away.

For Poisons in the Eye:

· Flush the victim’s eye with lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.

· Call the PCC

For Inhaled (Breathed In) Poisons:

· Get the victim to fresh air right away.· Call the PCC.

For Poisons on the Skin:

· Take off any clothing that has poison on it.

· Rinse the victim’s skin with water for 20 minutes.

· Call the PCC

· Your name, phone number, county, and zip code

· The victim’s name, age and weight · Any symptoms the victim has

· The time the poisoning took place

· The name of the substance or poison

· The amount of the substance or poison

· Any current health problems the victim has

· Any medicines the victim is taking

Each year, the Poison Control Center provides services to thousands of people in Georgia. You can call the PCC to get help in a poisoning emergency or to get treatment advice about animal or insect bites. Nurses, pharmacists, and doctors answer the phones 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They can tell you what to do if you, your child, or your pet is poisoned or was bitten by an animal. In addition, the PCC staff can answer your questions about poisons in and around your home.

All calls to the PCC are free.

Syrup of Ipecac is a plant extract used to make a person throw up. At this time, the PCC does not recommend Syrup of Ipecac.  It should no longer be used in the home as a poison treatment.

For questions or concerns, call the Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222.

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