Poison Prevention Month

It’s still poison prevention month, provided below is a home safety checklist to assure that potentially harmful substances are not accessible by young children.

Home Safety Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure the poisons listed are stored in locked cabinets, out of the reach and sight of children and pets. Call the Poison Control Center right away if you think someone has been poisoned by any of the poisons listed.

*The poisons marked with an asterisk (*) can be very dangerous. Be very careful when suing and storing these poisons.

Kitchen/Laundry Area

__Air Fresheners



__Bug Killers*

__Cigarettes/Chewing Tobacco*


__Dishwasher Detergent

__Drain Cleaners*

__Fabric Softeners

__Furniture Polishes

__Laundry Detergents



__Metal Cleaners*

__Oven Cleaners*


__Rust Removers*

__Scouring Powders __Vitamins


__Air Fresheners

__After-Shave Lotions



__False Fingernail Removers* __Hair Removers

__Hair Styling Products

__Lotions, Creams, Oils




__Nail Polish/Removers

__Rubbing Alcohol*


__Shaving Creams


__Toilet Bowl Cleaners* __Vitamins



__Cigarettes/Chewing Tobacco*



__Medicines* __Plants

Living Room

__Cigarettes/Chewing Tobacco*



__Tape or Stereo Cleaners __VCR/DVD Cleaners



__Bug Killers*



__Flower Bulbs


__Shrubs and Trees __Weed Killers*

For questions or concerns, call the Poison Control Center at:


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