For the benefit of first-time parents everywhere, here is a product review of Child Proof Advice’s Child Proof Advice Safety Guide (Paperback 2020 Edition) (English).

As an early childhood educator for 30+ years, a mother of three adult children, and with a two-year old granddaughter, I highly recommend this useful and practical resource for anyone who has a young child in their life.

My philosophy, both personally and professionally has been that life is our greatest teacher. One might ask, “How does this relate to child proofing?”  In life, we are to learn from others mistakes and seek out knowledge to make things better and safer, especially for children.

This resource guide provides that knowledge and much more, on how to safeguard our precious gifts of a child, grandchild, and/or children that are in our care. 

We can never be over prepared when it comes to the health, wellness, and safety of children. As the guide suggests, it is best to prepare for your new bundle of joy by child proofing prior to their arrival in your home. 

New parents need at least six months to develop all of the new habits necessary to ensure safety for an infant or toddler.  They do not have to be crawling to be at risk, so take heed early.

Purchase your guide today for yourself and for others! This is an investment in a child’s life.  Peace of mind is priceless.

K. Randall-Jackson

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