The Importance of Keeping Your Child Safe in Your Home

When parents think about child safety there are many things that come to mind such as ensuring they wear helmets when riding a bike, seatbelts when in the car, etc. The truth is, child safety begins at home, where families spend the most time. This is why it’s so important to take preventative measures to […]

Keeping baby warm and comfortable is always important. Ensuring safety while wrapped in blankets deserves review since blankets can cause suffocation. Tiny babies have such small noses and mouths, the slightest cover of their face reduces the intake of oxygen.Loose blankets, and cribs with too many items, can put a child at risk.

 Child Proof Advice encourages the use of Halo Sleep Sacks.  Read more here to understand the importance of learning how to swaddle correctly. Swaddling Tips While in the womb, baby is tightly cuddled inside mom for nine months, so it’s natural that they would find comfort from swaddling after birth. Swaddling is a technique that can […]

Need Nursery Equipment but don’t know what’s best?

Can’t decide which crib (or other equipment) to purchase for your newborn … look for this seal of approval from the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA).  JPMA functions much like the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) evaluating all equipment designed for children including car seats, cribs, high chairs, toys, etc. for potential hazards putting children […]

Unique Holiday Gift Idea

Expecting or 1st Time Parent / Grandparent Consider “Giving the Gift of Safety” Prevent unintentional in-home injuries Protect children from poisons, drowning, falls and choking hazards etc. This very special holiday gift basket with 12 items includes: Bath-Tub Faucet CoverDrawer / Cabinet latches Electrical Outlet CapsElectrical Outlet Covers (sliding)Poison Control Center #Child Safety Literature Barrington Collectibles Plush […]